Iranian Geometry Olympiad


Individual Participation





Due to the Iranian Geometry Olympiad (IGO) regulations, all the countries are eligible to participate in the contest. A local organizer (contact person) represents each participating country with whom the IGO jury will contact (for problems, solutions, grading, etc.). He/she will have the responsibility of the organization of the competition in his country. The local organizers are introduced to the IGO Jury from the organizers of national mathematical olympiads (or IMO Team leaders) in each country. 


Unfortunately, not all countries attend IGO officially. Also, there may be students in participating countries who can not participate in the event officially. This may be because of living in a city different from cities hosting the exam or restriction on the number of participants or levels the exam holds.

So, IGO Jury decided to make an option of Individual Participation to give the possibility of attending the event for those geometry lovers and interested students who can not participate officially. Individual participation in IGO will be organized according to the following regulation. 


  1. Required information
    1. Students wishing for individual participation should contact the IGO organization committee from the way specified in the IGO official website.
    2. The IGO organization committee will specify some fees for the individual participants to cover costs (coordination,…). 
    3. The IGO organization committee may ask for documents from the individual participants regarding their identity or school grade.
    4. The IGO organization committee is responsible for being in touch with unofficial participants for the problems, solutions, correcting papers, and sending the grades and certificates.
    5. The grades of individual participants will appear in the ranking of all individual participants and not in the official ranking consisting of the best grades of the participating countries.
    6. Every individual contestant of IGO receives a “Certificate of individual Participation” in the contest. (This is different from the certificate for the official participants). 
    7. In case, according to the cut-offs for the official contest, the grade of an individual participant is in the range of awards, they will get another certificate declaring it. Note that the certificate of awards for individual participants is specialized for this type of participation and is different from the certificates for official participation. 


  1. Exam (General information)
    1. The Iranian Geometry Olympiad (IGO) holds in four levels:


➤ Elementary Level.For students of grades 7 and 8,
➤ Intermediate Level.    For students of grades 9 and 10,
➤ Advanced Level.      For students of grades 11 and 12.
➤ Free Level.For other interested persons, with no limitation on school grade or age. The problems of the free level are the same as the problems of the advanced level. 


  1. By students of each grade, we mean those who will start that grade in the Fall of the contest year.
  2. Individual contests will be held on the same day as the official contest day of IGO.
  3. The contestants of elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels should be younger than 20 years old (on the contest day). Furthermore, they should not be formally enrolled at a university (or any equivalent post-secondary institution).
  4. The contest of each level is made up of 5 questions of varying difficulty, each having a maximum score of 8 points (Maximum score of 40 points in total).
  5. The duration of the contest for each level is (usually) 270 minutes. It may differ for the elementary level. 
  6. Students can use geometry instruments like a compass, protractor, ruler (marked or unmarked), etc., during the exam. But electronic devices such as phones, calculators,… are forbidden.


  1. Exam (Organization for individual participation)
    1. Individual participants will receive the problem sheets at a specified time. They have to send a scanned copy of their answer sheets to the IGO Jury at the time specified by the organization committee.
    2. The organizing committee may ask the individual participants to be in a place to be able to turn on a camera to be supervised during the exam. 
    3. The way of receiving the problems and sending the solutions will be contacted with the individual participants.
    4. Individual participants should answer the questions in English
    5. Right after the end time of the exam, the contestants should send the solutions in a specified format declared by the organizers. 
    6. The contestants should keep the solution sheets until the organizers check the solutions and confirm them. Organizers may ask for scans of better quality.
    7. The contest problems should be kept confidential until the IGO Jury publishes them on the IGO official website.


  1. Correction of papers
    1. The IGO jury is responsible for the correction of papers of individual participants.
    2. Individual participants will be informed about their grades by the IGO jury as soon as the coordination is finished. (Note that this may take long two or three weeks.)
    3. The certificates will be sent after the publication of grades on the official website of IGO. The publication of the results would be after the final meeting of the IGO jury. The meeting will be after all the participating countries finish the coordination procedure and the grades of all participating countries are collected. 


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